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Credentialing software that is easy to set up, easy to use and made for healthcare companies of all sizes. 

New Providers? 

No Problem


Stop wasting time with back and forth emails with providers. CredentialGenie lets you invite your providers to self on-board with the click of a button. Providers will be guided through the process of entering their own information and uploading their own documents. The provider's information is instantly available in your account so you can see the needed information to begin the credentialing process. 

Load custom forms and applications for providers to complete and sign electronically. 

credentialgenie credentialing software self-onboarding for providers

A modern user interface with powerful features

Make the credentialing and payer enrollment process easier for you and your providers

E-Signable Documents


Completing provider documents and applications can be a huge pain. They take forever to finish and often require a provider to download a PDF, complete, scan and then return in an email. With CredentialGenie, the provider can zip through an application online and e-sign in a matter of minutes. 


Our e-sign capability is compliant with all major eSignature laws, is SSL encrypted, HIPAA compliant and keeps documents safe and secure with audit trails. 

Keep Your Medical Practice Compliant


Track all your expiring documents and see what needs to be renewed. We will also send you a monthly email reminder with a list of all your documents that need to be renewed in 30, 60 and 90 days. 

With CredentialGenie, you can stop writing yourself a million to-do lists and sticky note reminders. Our task management tool makes it easy to stay organized by simply creating tasks with due dates for yourself, or assigning to a teammate when you need help. With our easy-to-view dashboard, you'll never miss an important to-do again. 

credentialing sofware that will keep providers compliant
payor enrollment application status

Payer Enrollment Applications and Tracking


Payer enrollment applications and tracking can be confusing and overwhelming. We give you the tools to complete and track all your enrollment applications including, how long they have been in process, the contact person at the payer and the ability for you or the provider to complete the application in your account. 


Pull information directly from the provider's profile and prefill parts of the applications to save you a ton of time. 

There's a Better Way To Manage All Your Credentialing Documents

Ready to see if CredentialGenie is right for you? Set up an online demo to learn how our credentialing software will save you time and money. 

Need a little extra help? 

Our team of credentialing specialists are on call to act as your resident expert. We have a team of certified credentialing experts that are happy to help with anything you need, at any time. 
credentialing specialist
Available to help anytime
Can work directly with your providers
Fast, efficient, friendly service
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Primary Source Verifications
Medicare/Medicaid Enrollment
Commercial Plan Enrollment
Re-Credentialing and Re-Validations
CAQH Setup
NPI Setup
Experience in all states
Experience with all specialties 

CredentialGenie has changed my job for the better. It used to take me weeks to get someone credentialed, with tons of back and forth emails and calls. Now I can get a new provider credentialed in days, allowing me to get more done in less time. 

Heather Hutto

Director of Human Resources


Technology created with you in mind

Unlimited users

Store unlimited documents for each provider

Expiring document reminders and emails at 30, 60 and 90 days

Save any employee document with custom labels

Track missing files to ensure all profiles are complete

Cloud-based so you have access from any computer at anytime

E-Signing forms and documents

Assign and manage tasks

Autocomplete forms and applications

Payer enrollment forms and tracking

Advanced reports that can be exported to Excel

Add expiration dates to any documents

Advanced payor enrollment application tracking

Add notes to any provider's profile 

All data is encrypted and stored securely 

Friendly, USA-based customer support

Take the guesswork out of paperless credentialing

If you have questions or would like to schedule a demo, we'd love to share with you all the ways our credentialing software can benefit you and your organization. 


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