About CredentialGenie
Mission Statement
Combining innovative technology and great customer service, we are improving the credentialing process for medical professionals by making credentialing more efficient, reliable, scalable and predictable. 
Our Origins Story
When we started CredentialGenie we had one goal, to change the world of healthcare forever. We knew to accomplish this goal we would have to create new ways for medical practices to credential people faster, easier and with a more transparent process. We also knew before starting this venture that we would have to create a company that was designed to think differently, where people felt inspired to create, and would be motivated to deliver their best. Where people worked together, share similar values and hold themselves, and their teammates accountable for success. If we could do these things, we knew we could make a difference. 
Our Why
Credentialing is frustrating, time consuming, and redundant. Did we mention credentialing is frustrating? We believe there are so many opportunities to remove redundancy from the credentialing process and make the process faster and easier for both the providers and the practices. We want to build software that automates tasks that don't require a person to handle them. We want to improve reliability and security in the data. We want providers to only have to do paperwork one-time and we want providers to be able to start seeing patients in days from being hired, not months. 
Core Competencies
The mental toughness and passion that propels you toward achieving your goals. 
Adaptable people don't blame, and they are not a victim to external influences. Adaptable people learn and move on.  
We measure and reward result, not activity. We strive to have a lasting and meaningful impact on our customers. 
We focus on building meaningful relationships with our customers and our peers. Relationships are authentic, not transactional. 
Customer Service Ethos
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