Ambulatory Care Clinic with 4 locations and over 250 employees


Ambulatory Care Clinics with a mission to have an alternative to the emergency room, so that patients can see a board-certified ER doctor in 20 minutes or less and for 60% less the cost than a traditional ER.  


When the organization’s CFO reached out to CredentialGenie, they were growing rapidly, hiring a few providers a month and they were struggling with doing credentialing manually and had no real processes and procedures established. 

Without a streamlined process in place and no formal credentialing team, the responsibility fell under the HR Manager; leaving her with fewer hours in the day for her actual job.


CredentialGenie worked closely with their HR Manager to better understand the needs of the organization. After initial conversations, our team realized that our credentialing management solutions would be the best fit for their challenges. 


We worked quickly to understand and align with the initiatives and goals of the organization in order to ensure a true partnership. We then gathered necessary information and credentialing documents in order to get them set up in our credentialing software. From there, they were assigned a project manager and dedicated credentialing specialist to handle the day-to-day credentialing needs. 


Our team continues to work with their administrators, clinical team and providers directly to ensure that the process works efficiently. By fully outsourcing their credentialing function for primary source verification and privileges at their facilities, as well as monitoring all expirables, 

they are able to rest knowing they remain compliant on a day-to-day basis. 


Reduced new provider onboarding time by  80% 

By having a team of expert credentialing specialist own the credentialing process, our team was able to get providers onboarded quickly and take the stress off of the HR team. 

Centralized their entire credentialing function

With our cloud-based credentialing software, our client was able to view everything in one central location and track the status of documents our team is working on. 

Established a formal credentialing processes

Before CredentialGenie, our client had no real processes and procedures in place. By owning credentialing, we were able to create one, resulting in a much more efficient process.  

Digitalized all of their credentialing

By eliminating all paper files, our client was able to store and navigate all credentialing documents faster and more efficiently than ever before. 

"CredentialGenie has changed my job for the better. It used to take me weeks to get someone credentialed, with tons of back and forth emails and calls. Now a new provider is credentialed in days, allowing me to get more done in less time."

- HR Manager

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