Do You Wish Credentialing

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Our medical credentialing services include: 


Credentialing Experts

Dedicated Credentialing Expert

Expirable Monitoring

State License and DEA Renewals

OIG Sanction Checking

CAQH Setup and Quarterly Updates

New Hire On-boarding

NPI Registration

Payer Enrollment Audit

Medicare/Medicaid Re-validations

Commercial Plan Re-validations

Reimbursement and Claims Issues

Contract Negotiations

And more....

We work with all specialties in all 50 states

How It Works

CredentialGenie gives you a dedicated credentialing specialist who takes care of 100% of your credentialing needs so that you can see start seeing patients and getting paid. 

We load all of your current credentialing documents and information into our cloud-based, custom-built credentialing software. You can access at any time, from anywhere. 

We will proactively alert you anytime you have a credentialing file or insurance contract that needs to be renewed and can take care of any paperwork needed for you. 

Your credentialing specialist can audit all your files and insurance contracts to make sure your business is properly organized and set up to maximize billing and reimbursement. 

Contact your credentialing expert anytime you have questions or need help with anything credentialing related. We can also work with your billing team to resolve any reimbursement issues. 

Say Goodbye To Paper Files Forever

We will save all your credentialing files and documents in our secure, cloud-based software which you can access from anywhere, at any time. You will never have to go looking for a hard copy of any file again.  

Jennifer Jinzo, Director of Credentialing for CredentialGenie joined Laurence Girard, Founder and CEO of FruitStreet and CovidMD on his podcast, Digital Health Entrepenuers to discuss how Covid 19 has changed credentialing, and why fast credentialing is vital.  

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