10 reasons keeping you from outsourcing your medical credentialing

When you hear the word “outsource,” do you automatically think “offshore?” What about “expensive?”

These are just a few of the words that often are considered synonymous with outsourcing. If this is the case, it may be time to shift your mindset and reevaluate what outsourcing your credentialing might mean for your business.

We put together a list of ten reasons we often hear of why people don’t want to outsource their credentialing and why those reasons might not actually be legit.

why you should outsource medical credentialing

1. Onboarding and implementation are too difficult.

It may seem daunting to transfer over your entire credentialing function to someone with no backlogged knowledge of your medical practice and its processes.

It’s a legitimate concern but when you work with a credentialing outsourcing company, you’re working with a team of experts that have done this hundreds, if not thousands, of times. We’ll upload all credentialing documentation and ensure you and your team have access and are trained in our credentialing software. We know the in’s and out’s to make the onboarding process as simple and quick as possible.

2. Onsite Credentialing Specialists is the only way to ensure work gets done properly and in a timely manner.

We get it, there are definitely some pros to hiring someone that works in your building. They’re probably the same reasons we hire employees to work in our headquarters. But, when you’re hiring for something as technical as a credentialing specialist, it pays to have an expert -- whether on-site or not.

When outsourcing your credentialing function, you will have a dedicated credentialing specialist that is an expert with a passion for the industry. Credentialing teams like ours are led by professionals with years of experience to make sure the client’s needs are met, simply and efficiently.

And here at CredentialGenie, our Credentialing Specialists live right here in the USA. The best part? There’s no limit to how often you can call or email your specialist. What type of partnership is that if you’re restricted to a set number of times you can contact them. Or even worse, can never get in touch with them.

We believe in open communication (more on that below). Our goal is to have our specialist integrated into your organization; so much so that it feels like they are sitting right there in your office!

3. Losing access to my credentialing documents.

This is not how outsourcing partnerships should work. In any type of partnership, there should be full transparency. Meaning that although others are handling the day-to-day, it’s still your business and should never feel as though something is being hidden from you and your team.

Credentialing software is also a great tool for visibility into the work being done on your medical practice’s behalf. It will allow you to view all your credentialing documents and track everything the outsourced credentialing team is working on. Essentially, this will allow you to be in the know when you want and stress-free when you don’t.

4. Outsourcing is only for larger organizations.

Credentialing is not a simple process. Yes, it may take less time out of your day if you’re a smaller practice, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t better things you could be doing.

Whether you have one or 1,000 providers, credentialing outsourcing partnerships are often custom-designed to your needs.

As you’re looking to outsource your credentialing, ask the right questions to understand if they would be a good fit and will be able to offer solutions for smaller practices. It’s important to ensure that their team is not only willing to take on smaller practices but also understands the differences that come along with those.

5. Poor customer service and a lack of communication and status updates.

Communication should be a huge part of any outsourcing partnership -- especially in credentialing. Beyond the regular check-ins and quarterly business reviews, it’s important that your outsourced credentialing team is always in communication with you and your team.

At a minimum, this should mean sending bi-weekly updates sent through email and/or credentialing software.

At CredentialGenie, our team puts customer service at the forefront of all our outsourcing partnerships. Our dedicated Credentialing Specialists will always make sure you’re aware of what’s going on and the status of your credentialing and payor enrollment documents.

When choosing a partner, make sure that the company you are choosing to work with is available to answer your questions or concerns quickly and effectively.

For us, this means going above and beyond to never leave our partners hanging. We promise!

6. Not understanding your business and organization’s values.

Each and every practice is different. We believe that the only way to truly be successful with outsourcing partnerships is to be just that -- partners.

During implementation, you’ll be introduced to your Credentialing Team and other contacts within the organization. Be prepared to share everything that is important to you and your practice. This could include your initiatives, goals, culture, business model and anything else you think defines your practice.

7. Your work isn't a priority.

Although we can’t speak for every organization out there, for us, your work is our ONLY priority. And really, that’s the way any outsourcing partnerships should be -- especially in an industry like credentialing.

When a company offering outsourcing services like ours hires employees, they typically have the resources to only hire only the best; rather than having to hire out of desperation. This means you’ll have experts who know how to handle all parts of the medical credentialing process and the ins and outs to get your provider credentialing done quickly and efficiently.

Typically, credentialing outsourcing partnerships means you’ll have:

  • Dedicated support - You’ll have a credentialing specialist dedicated to your needs and additional help readily available as those needs fluctuate.

  • Clearly defined objectives - Your outsourcing team will help create and implement a formal plan to ensure that your goals and business objectives are met.

  • True partnership - THIS IS IMPORTANT. At CredentialGenie, we consider our team an extension of yours and promise to always prioritize your needs.

  • Industry experts - With experience, comes an understanding and expertise in the industry. This means those credentialing teams will be able to ensure your work is completed correctly and on time.

8. Once an agreement is set, there’s no room to fluctuate during growth or slower times.

When choosing a credentialing outsourcing partner, it’s important to find a team that is willing and able to fluctuate based on the needs of your practice.

During the initial calls, be upfront that your needs may change in the future. Whether that means potential growth or expected downtime for your medical practice, don’t be afraid to mention that and find out if the organization allows for variation of paid hours.

9. Outsourcing is significantly more expensive than an FTE.

Actually, that’s not always the case. Hiring a full-time employee has a lot of additional costs that aren’t always included in a base salary. There’s a lot of soft costs that are included in hiring an employee to work on-site (think computer, benefits, etc.) that aren’t always included when evaluating whether or not to outsource a specific business function.

Outsourcing partnerships are built to be cost-effective and customized to your specific needs; meaning you only pay for what you need. But when you have a full-time employee, you’re paying their salary no matter if there's work to do or not.

10. Being stuck in a partnership that’s not the right fit.

Asking the right questions during the research phase of your decision to outsource your credentialing, is hyper important. Not only that, but you should leave every conversation feeling confident that what a company is promising you is the real deal. If you have doubts, maybe they aren’t the right choice for you.

Now, we can’t speak for everyone, but as for CredentialGenie, we believe that no one should be stuck paying for something that isn’t a good fit. After all, a partnership really should be a two-way street.

Our partnerships are built to make your life easier, not harder. Our customers are the most important thing to us. That’s why, if you ever are unhappy and we can’t fix the issue, there’s no penalty to terminate the contract. We believe in our service so much that all of our outsourcing agreements are month-to-month. It really is as simple as that. It's the ultimate SLA!

If you’re interested in learning more about our medical credentialing outsourcing partnerships, we’d love to connect! Schedule some time on our calendar here. Or, if you want to learn more about the benefits of credentialing outsourcing, check out this blog!