4 benefits to outsourcing physician credentialing

Benefits to using physician credentialing management solutions
By outsourcing, you have a dedicated team of experts focused on all your credentialing needs.

The world of credentialing is confusing, frustrating and if we’re being honest, something not many people really want to do. Ever tried running a search for credentialing specialist candidates? If so, you probably were discouraged by the lack of qualified contenders.

That’s why more and more people are seeing the value in outsourcing this portion of their business, rather than hiring a full-time employee or handling it on their own.

There are a lot of reasons to outsource, but these four benefits are main driving factors as to why you should consider outsourcing as well.

1. Guaranteed certified credentialing experts

Good credentialing specialists are hard to find, and specialists that are certified, are even harder. A credentialing solutions company is comprised of specialists that have years of experience in the industry. Many times, organizations will pay for their employees to be certified to ensure they are up-to-date on all standards and regulations.

By partnering with an organization like CredentialGenie, you’re guaranteed to have a team of experts handling all your credentialing and payor enrollment needs. Not only will you have a dedicated specialist handling the day-to-day, you’ll also have a project manager and credentialing assistant to help follow up with insurance agencies, communicate updates, and make sure the process is as efficient as possible.

2. Cost and time savings

Outsourcing physician credentialing and payor enrollment can also have major benefits that your financial and operational leaders will be happy about.

The credentialing management fee structure is often built to be a no-brainer for the end user. By using a third party, you not only eliminate salary and benefit costs, but you also remove the extra spend to recruit and train a new employee (cue time savings).

Hiring a credentialing specialist also means that an existing employee has to take time away from their normal responsibilities to get a new hire up to speed -- no matter how experienced that person may be. By outsourcing, you’ll have experts who will get you implemented, onboarded and starting the credentialing process easily and quickly.

3. Visibility and consistent reporting

There’s a lot of opportunity to miss important changes or updates during the credentialing process. Credentialing software is specifically designed to monitor and track the status of credentialing documents and make sure that providers remain compliant.

Credentialing solution companies often utilize this type of software and typically is included in the partnership. This added solution results in extra cost savings to you.

By partnering with an organization that uses credentialing software, you will reap the following benefits:

  • Track changes and never miss important updates

  • Ability to set 30, 60, 90 Day alerts for all expirables

  • Access records at any time, from anywhere

  • Improve compliance

  • Store documents in one, easily accessible location

4. Removed risk of knowledge gap due to turnover

Turnover is unavoidable. By hiring a credentialing specialist to work in-house, you run the risk of losing their knowledge and experience when they leave. Having a company like CredentialGenie own the process, gives you peace of mind knowing that you have the backing of a team full of experts.

Overall, there are a ton of pros to outsourcing your credentialing and we’d love to speak to you about them all today! If you’d like to learn more, shoot us a message at hello@credentialgenie.com or schedule some time to chat here!