4 Benefits to Using Credentialing Software in Your Medical Practice

benefits to using a credentialing software in your medical practice

In the healthcare industry, there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to credentialing providers. For such a forward-moving and progressive field, it’s surprising how archaic the credentialing process and software options can be.

We are often shocked by the number of clients that come to us still using excel and other old-school tactics to track the status of their documents. Medical credentialing software is a simple solution that can significantly impact and improve provider compliance.

Here are four reasons to use credentialing software and how it can benefit your business.

1. Save time on payor applications and follow up

Getting enrolled with insurance providers is hyper important to the financial stability of your practice. With a credentialing software like CredentialGenie, you can easily track the status of your payor enrollment applications and figure out when it’s time to follow up.

Not only is this a great tool for new practices, but also facilities adding new providers. One of the benefits of using our software over others is the ability to auto-populate forms. CredentialGenie pulls from the provider’s profiles to save you a ton of time completing applications.

Once an application is completed, you can now track the status of those applications. In addition, you can view how long they have been in process and even keep track of the contact person at each insurance company to help with followup calls. This can help to ensure that insurance applications are being approved faster so you can start billing sooner.

2. Stay organized and on top of tasks and documents set to expire

This one is big for medical practices of any size. Sure, you can set calendar reminders, leave a million sticky notes and fill in the blanks on that excel document, but how efficient is that? Especially for something as important as remaining compliant.

The purpose of implementing software is to ensure you’re working smarter, not harder. For this reason, many credentialing software platforms are designed to make sure you never miss deadlines.

Let’s say you forgot to set a reminder on that expiring DEA license. You will still receive emails on the first day of each month. You’ll get an alert of all credentialing documents that are going to expire in the next 30, 60 and 90 days; so even if you don’t log into your dashboard all the time, you will still be notified of expiring documents.

Credentialing software allows you to upload credentialing documents and licenses, make notes and set reminders right then and there. That’s it. One easy process will eliminate the stress and headache that comes from keeping licenses current.

3. Centralize your practice’s credentialing

By using credentialing software like CredentialGenie, you can easily upload and navigate all of your provider’s important documents from any location, at any time. Imagine being able to store and complete all your credentialing documents in one place.

Having all pieces of your credentialing function in a cloud-based and secure location means that you can:

  • Upload, store and find all credentialing and provider documents

  • Track upcoming expiring documents and licenses

  • Complete payor enrollment applications and other credentialing documents

  • Onboard providers and other employees

  • Let employees e-sign documents

  • Create, assign and complete tasks directly in the software

Ultimately, centralizing your credentialing will allow you and your team to get time back in your day and credential providers as efficiently as possible.

4. Improve provider onboarding experience

In all reality, the main reason for utilizing a credentialing software is to manage your provider’s information. So why not make it as simple and pleasant of an experience as possible?

Often times, the quality of a physician’s onboarding experience is overlooked and in our opinion, this is a huge miss. Using a platform like CredentialGenie will simplify the process of bringing on new providers -- from both the employer and employee’s perspectives.

When assessing credentialing softwares for your practice, make sure you are asking about the impact it will have on your employee’s experience and the onboarding process. Look for platforms that allow providers to self onboard, enter in their own information, upload their own documents and complete electronic forms and e-sign. Ultimately, by making the onboarding process as seamless and painless as possible, the better the outcome and happier your providers will be.

Interested in learning more about how CredentialGenie’s credentialing software can benefit your healthcare practice? We’d love to connect! Schedule a demo today.